Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tax on Cigarettes Encourages Smokers to Quit

The State of New York enacted an additional $1.25 tax on cigarettes, making the cost of a pack anywhere from $8 to $10. This increase has seen a dramatic increase in the number of smokers looking to quit smoking but finding little help. In these shaky economic times, it is important to cut back on non-essentials and it would seem like a no brainer that cigarettes should be at the top of that non-essential list but most smokers as they face economic uncertainty, will actually smoke more because of the effect that nicotine has on the brain and handling stress. The state has several programs offering free counseling and nicotine replacement products, it is important to add a stress management class to prevent relapse also. It is one thing to stop smoking and another to stay quit. Stress and the inability to handle negative emotions is often a reason for relapsing.
This is an example of Social Liberation which is:
An external force giving new alternatives to begin or continue a change, can often be seen as a problem or hindrance instead of helping. An example would be a legal ordinance restricting smoking or a new tax.

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