Monday, July 28, 2008

BUTT OUT: How to help the smoker in your life quit successful

If you have never smoked you can not understand how difficult it is to quit smoking. Yet non-smokers expect smokers to quit by sheer will power alone but smoking is a chronic relapsing medical condition, it is not simply a habit or personal choice. To be successful, smokers need a combination of medical support, behavioral modification, and new coping mechanisms for stress and strong emotions. Often access to these support structures are either expensive, or non-existent. It it was easy to quit, most smokers would have done so already but only about 5% that try each year are successful. It is time to change the way we view smokers and realize that addiction to nicotine is harder to overcome than any other drug including alcohol, heroin, and cocaine. Instead of nagging the smoker in you life to quit, it's time to offer your support. I am writing a book that outlines how to help a smoker develop the desire, how to increase their belief that they can be successful, and gives practical suggestions that actually work. I've been helping smokers successful quit for 20 years. Smoking is the hardest thing that most people will ever do in their life, don't sabotage their efforts by doing the wrong thing. If you are a smoker trying to quit, give this book to your support people so they can give they kind of support that you need instead of nagging, blaming and shaming.

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