Saturday, July 26, 2008

Snus-The Alternative to Quitting Smoking?

Snus is a small pouch of nicotine that is placed in the mouth between the lower jaw and cheek. The product was first introduced in Sweden and is now being imported to the United States as an alternative to smoking. It is being taunted as way to stop smoking. One tobacco company is advertising heavily to the youth market and sending out coupons for free tins of snus. Just another ploy to increase the number of nicotine addicts. The tobacco companies are in business to make money and don't really care what the health consequences are, as long as they continue making a profit. Snus is not a good alternative to smoking but just another deceptive practice that is another nicotine delivery system that is designed to addicted the user to it's product.

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Mz Diva said...

I agree with you on SNUS....especially at $5.00 a tin for 15 pouches! I did redeem the coupons that big tobacco sent me for my sister! Its cheaper than nicorette gum and maybe she will cut back! I was curious to try em but a cigarette is a cigarette is a cigarette...even if its not the kind ya smoke!