Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tips to Win at Quitting Smoking, Finding the Missing Piece in Your Plan to Stop Smoking and Stay Quit

For less than the cost of a pack of  cigarettes, this comprehensive pocket guidebook to stop smoking is loaded with tips, suggestions, and ideas to guide any smoker through the quitting process. Based on clinical research proven to be effective, the information is divided into four steps: Building motivation, Creating a plan to be successful, Quit Day, Preventing relapse.

  • The 15 Tips to build motivation
  • The 12 Different Connections to smoking
  • Tips to get ready physically, mentally and how to change your behavior and environment
  • How nicotine hijacks the brain and common withdrawal symptoms
  • Important Tips when setting a quit date
  • How create a personalized quit plan
  • What to expect after quitting
  • The Differences between a slip and a relapse
  • How to deal with emotional triggers
  • 18 Ways to relieve stress instead of smoking
  • 7 Reasons why smokers gain weight and how to avoid weight gain
  • How to create an ICE (In case of emergency) plan
  • What to do if you relapse
  • Nicotine Dependency Test
  • List of Harmful Chemicals in Smoke

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cigarette to quit smoking said...

Thanks for the wonderful tips there. Although it seems that it doesn't help you stop smoking at all huh? Just lets you smoke hassle free and carcinogen free. That in itself is still good news though. e cigarettes have really revolutionized the nicotine replacement industry.