Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Best Valentines Day Gift--Stop Smoking

Timing can be everything and today may be the time to stop smoking. Give the gift of a longer, healthier life to both your loved ones as well as for yourself.
As a single person who won't date a smoker, I've been told that I might be missing out on a great guy, which may be true but I don't want to fall in love with a man that will die from some horrible disease caused by his smoking. So if you still smoke and think you "gotta die of something", don't think of what you're doing to yourself but think of what you will be putting your family through if you're suddenly diagnosed with heart disease, cancer, COPD, emphysema or have a stroke? So give a gift of love this Valentines Day by giving up your cigarettes, your family will love for it.


Lori Palermo said...

My name is Lori Palermo from Gouldsboro, PA. In Dec. 2003 my dad passed away after a 13 year battle with COPD/Emphysema. Since that time I have become very involved in lung disease work and smokefree living. In June 2006 on Fathers Day, I launched my own website In Memory of my dad. I am now an Advocate For Lung Disease Awareness & Smokefree Living.
I have a page called "Family Sharing" which consists of websites & blogs from patients, caregivers and their families who have lung disease or are trying to quit smoking.
I would be interested in adding your blog to my website.

Thank you,
Lori Palermo

VJ Sleight, Queen of Quitting said...

Hi Lori, I'm so sorry that your father had to suffer from the consequences of smoking. My dream is that no one should ever have to suffer from the effects of smoking and I'm trying to make that happen, one quitter at a time. Thank you for adding my blog to your website. Have a blessed day, VJ Sleight