Saturday, October 11, 2008

Preparation for a Successful New Years Resolution to Quit Smoking

The Great American Smokeout sponsored by the American Cancer Society is next month where smokers are encouraged to quit for just one day, with the idea that the smoker might continue for another day and another day. As a spokesperson for tobacco issues for the local office, I'm often asked by reporters to give smokers one bit of advice to be successful at quitting. I believe that if the smoker focuses on building motivation, having the desire and wanting to quit, is the key factor towards a smoker being successful or not, regardless of which method they choose. Every method will work for some, no method works for everyone. The trick is finding the right combination of behavior modification, medicinal support and successful coping strategies for stress and emotions for each individual smoker. So to be successful doesn't apply to the method of quitting as much as the attitude and motivation of the quitter.
I've always thought that the Thursday before Thanksgiving was a terrible day to ask someone to quit smoking. Holidays are often stressful times in many families. There are additional social activities and the hustle-bustle of all that the holidays entail. I propose that for this year for the Great American Smokeout, that you start building your plan to be successful at quitting smoking for a New Years Resolution. This gives you 6 weeks of preparation, to figure out some methods that will work for you and a chance to practice and fine turn before actually putting them down and walking away.

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