Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are you Physically Addicted to Nicotine?

This will indicate whether you are dependent upon nicotine and may indicate whether you will need medicinal support for withdrawals when you quit.
Answer each question in the list below, giving yourself the appropriate points.

1. How soon after you wake up do you have your first cigarette?
a. within 5 minutes
b. 6-30 minutes
c. 31-60 minutes
d. After 60 minutes
2. Do you find it difficult to refrain from smoking in places where it is forbidden, such as the library, theater, or a doctor’s office?
a. yes
b. no
3. Which cigarette would you most hate to give up?
a. the first one in the morning
b. any other
4. How many cigarettes a day do you smoke?
a. 10 or less
b. 11-20
c. 21-30
d. 31 or more
5. Do you smoke more frequently during the first hours after waking than during the rest of the day?
a. yes
b. no
6. Do you smoke if you are so ill that you are in bed most of the day?
a. yes
b. no

1. a: 3 b: 2 c: 1 d: 0
2. a: 1 b: 0
3. a: 1 b: 0
4. a: 1 b: 2 c: 3 d: 4
5. a: 1 b: 0
6. a: 1 b:0

A total score of 7 or greater indicates that you are very dependent on nicotine and are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop smoking. A score of 6 or less indicates low to moderate dependence.
For a highly addicted smoker, there are 7 firstline and 2 second line medications approved for nicotine dependence, so there are lots of choices to finding the right combination for you. If you choose not to use medications, then it is important to take care of yourself physically while you go through withdrawals. The tings that you can do to help is to drink more water, do deep breathing exercise, avoid alcohol, and exercise.

(The Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence)

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