Thursday, June 12, 2008

Powerful Process to Quit Smoking

Every smoker is connected to their cigarettes in different ways. Individuals smoke at different times, have different triggers and each smoker can have a different response to the same trigger. What is important is to figure out what works for the individual--every method will work for some, no method works for everyone. A step to figuring out what works for you, is to smoke by the clock and disassociate smoking with all activities. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, that is about one an hour, so starting tomorrow, smoke every hour on the hour, not when you want a cigarette. Only smoke at this time. Create a smoking corner, at home, away from all household activities. When it is your time to smoke, go to your smoking corner and smoke one cigarette. Do not take your coffee with you, don't take the telephone, don't listen to your ipod, don't look through the window at the TV, just stand there and smoke your cigarette. This gives you the opportunity to figure out how to drink your coffee without smoking, how to talk on the phone without smoking. If it is your time to smoke and you are driving, stop the car, get out and smoke your cigarette. At work, it this process may need some adjustment, but the idea is to not do anything else when you are smoking, so don't talk to the other smokers, go someplace where you can be alone.
This is start breaking your associations with smoking while you are still getting the nicotine. It also allows you time to figure out which are your strongest triggers, so that you can learn how to cope with these triggers without smoking. So often we smoke unconsciously and the smoking becomes associated with other activities. Smoking by the clock breaks those associations and allows you time to reflect when you are smoking, in your smoking corner without any distractions. It's a great time to reflect on what smoking means to you and what is it that you truly want--a cigarette or a smoke free life.

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