Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stop Smoking: A 100% Guarentee

I've just read another ad that claims 95% of smokers quit, if you buy their product. yesterday a website claimed a 55% quit rate. The reality is that you can say whatever you want and get away with it but it doesn't mean it's true. Every method will work for some people, NO method works for everyone.
Where my class is different, is that I know that quitting is a process that a smoker moves through, my job is to educate, motivate, encourage and support the smoker to finding what path works for them.
My Stop Smoking, Stay quit classes are close to a 100% quit rate but lets look at where that number comes from. That is the number of individuals, who completed all the classes, did what I suggested and on the last night of class, weren't smoking. That statistic doesn't tell you what the drop out rate is (10 - 25%). And it doesn't count the individuals who will relapse within the first 6 months (50%). I also know that if most of the participants are first time quitters, there is almost a 100% relapse rate but if everybody walks in and says, "You're my last resort, I've tried everything and nothing works!" I know that person is going to be successful and most likely will NOT relapse. Why??--I know they have a strong desire otherwise, they still wouldn't be trying to quit. I know they have learned alot about their connection to quit and with the proper education, motivation, support and tools, they can put together a plan that they will succeed with.
A big part is giving the smoker more tools at their disposal. If the only tool you have is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail. I suggest different tools but it's the smoker that has to put it into use.

First time quitters relapse for different reasons that long time quitters. Often, they get cocky and think they can control their smoking, now that they have quit. I love getting smokers who repeat my class. Others wonder why they are back. The answer is always the same--"I quit but didn't listen about the relapsing part". So the relapsers do it again and this time they listen and don't relapse.
So the next time you read an ad that has such a high quit rate, be skeptical and be sure and ask for a money back guarentee!

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