Friday, May 30, 2008

Quit Smoking for 1 Day for "No Tobacco Day"

Tomorrow, May 31st is No Tobacco Day celebrated by the World Health Organization. Maybe you've never heard of this celebration where every smoker is urged to stop just for the day or maybe you have it confused with The Great American Smokeout which is the thursday before Thanksgiving in November and is sponsored by the American Cancer Society. It is hoped that if a smoker quits for one day, they will have the courage and strength to try for another day, and another until they are quit for good. I think that ANY effort to get smokers to quit, even for a day, is fantatic!! What I would like to see is an effort to recognize that the battle to quit is one day at a time and in a short while, you will feel like a non-smoker. However, even years down the road, a former smoker needs to be diligent about not smoking even one. We forget that smoking is so ingrained within a person that it is easy to relapse back to smoking and just walking away from the first one is only the first step in a long road back to recovery and maintaining a smoke-free status. So remember to remind your smokers to stop just for today-No Tobacco Day, where they will be joining other smokers around the world and I also remember to celebrate with those who have already quit and have stayed quit--They have won the battle that others still are fighting.

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