Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stop Smoking: Quit with a Friend

A new study suggests that if you quit smoking, this may influence your family and friends to quit also. I think it depends on the motivation of the person. If someone really wants to quit, they can find it very difficult when someone they live with or someone close to them smokes. It inhibits their success, so when this other person makes the decision to go smoke free, the smoker that had been wanted to quit, will do so also beccause they had wanted to all along and now the temptation of being around another smoker is gone also. Having support from someone going through the same struggle makes it easier for both parties. If you want to quit but live with a smoker or have smoking friends, why not talk to them now about your reasons for wanting to quit and ask for their support. Maybe they have been thinking the same thing but have been afraid to approach you. Talking about what we want is another step on the road to becoming smokefree. Have you quit with a friend or loved one. How did you do it?

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