Friday, May 23, 2008

Stop Smoking: Is there a Right to Smoke?

Smokers will often shout about their right to smoke but their right to smoke ends where my nose begins. They do not have the right to endanger my health or the health of anyone except themselves. Smokers are in the minority and it's time to stand up for the rights of non-smokers throughout our country. 27 states how have 100% smokefree work environments. We are at the tipping point to protect the rights of non-smokers. I encourage those of you who live in states without a law that protects the health of it's citizens from secondhand smoke, a Class A carcinogen, to write or call your representatives and urge them to pass a smokefree law.
When hearing smokers yell for their right to smoke, I often want to say that they have the right to play russian roulette too, but it is kind of dumb but at least with russian roulette you have less chance of dying, with russian roulette there is a 1 in 6 chance of dying or 16.66%, with smoking, 50% will die from using tobacco as intended.

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