Saturday, February 28, 2009

Would you give up kissing and sex for your cigarettes?

Most smokers know that smoking causes lung cancer but they may not know that smoking is responsible for over 30% of ALL cancers including mouth and lip cancer. Pete had cancer of the lips from smoking cigars. While the plastic surgery did a great job at reconstructing his lips, Pete said that the numbness from the sugery, "Took all the fun out of kissing."

While 1 out of 3 Americans will develop cancer, the number 1 killer is heart disease. Smoking is a major cause because of the damage that it does to the blood vessels but it's not only the heart and brain affected (major cause of strokes as well) but it also affects the blood vessels to the penis and is a primary cause of impotency.

So the problem with smoking may not be that you die too young but live too long with the effects of smoking. Is giving up kissing and sex for your cigarettes worth it?


Tammy said...

No way!

Anonymous said...

I gave up kissing years ago and haven't kissed since early in 2005.

Still smoking and loving it, although as regards tobacco I don't smoke much of that any more when there is better stuff to be found out there.

Yes, you'll think I'm a strange enough individual (you won't be alone) but living according to social norms was never really my thing.