Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Exercise As a Way to Stop Smoking

While I have had a couple of aerobic instructors attend my workshops to quit smoking, most smokers would rather go light up another cigarette than hit the gym. Besides, smoking makes it difficult to breathe after running up a flight of stairs, let alone when hitting the stairmaster. Exercise and smoking just don't seem to go together. Yet starting an exercise program can help with the quitting process.
1. Taking a 5 minute walk around your office building instead of a smoke break can help with the withdrawal symptoms of anger, irritability, tension and cravings.
2.Exercise will also help to avoid the weight gain that many smokers face when quitting. Only part of the weight gain is due to a change in metabolism, which two 10 minute walks a day will counter balance.
3. A brisk walk will help clear the tar that has been accumulating in your lungs so don't be concerned if you cough more, think of it as your body healing itself.
4. Getting a little bit sweaty will allow toxins to be released with your sweat.
5. Replace the harmful habit of smoking with a healthy habit of exercise. Find an exercise activity that you enjoy. It's easier to replace a habit than it is to just stop a habit.
6. Meet new friends that don't smoke. Carol used to play cards with her smoking buddies and couldn't seem to stop when around them, so she took up ball room dancing. She met new people who didn't smoke and got some exercise too.
Exercise is the fountain of youth, second only to quitting smoking as the best thing you can do for your health, so replace your cigarettes with something that will increase your health even more-now go take a walk.

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