Friday, August 1, 2008

Why Smokers Gain Weight When They Quit Smoking and Tips to Quit

there are 7 different reasons why smokers gain weight when they quit, most of it is because of eating more food:

1. Change in metabolism accounts for 3-6 pounds. 70% of weight gain is due to increase calorie consumption.
- Exercise, 20 minutes per day more than you normally do
- Discuss using Zyban™ and Nicotine Replacement Products with your doctor, these medications can help reduce the amount of weight gained.

2. Withdrawal from nicotine causes low blood sugar
- Substitute raw fruit or vegetables for pastries, candy bars and junk food
- Eat on a regular basis, do not skip meals

3. Ingesting more food as a habit of hand to mouth motion
- Stock up on low fat crunchy foods, such as unshelled unsalted sunflower seeds, or unbuttered popcorn, eat one at a time.
- Increase intake of vegetables such as carrot sticks, celery, green peppers, jicama,
- Get a fake cigarette, a coffee stirrer or toothpick to chew on
- Get a water bottle and take frequent sips of water

4. Using food as a reward for not smoking
- Find other rewards than food, treat yourself with the money you are saving by not smoking
- Stay conscious about the amount of food that you are eating
- Keep a food diary, writing down before you eat what you are going to eat, where you are, what
you are doing and how you are feeling.

5. Eating more at meals to delay having a craving that comes at the end of a meal
- Get up from the table as soon as you are full
- Go brush your teeth, have a breathe mint, chew gum
- Use a smaller plate
- Go for a walk after eating

6. Food tastes and smells better once you have quit smoking
- Eat slower, putting your fork down in between bites
- Decide and write it down, how much food that you are going to eat before the meal
- Be conscious of what you are putting into your mouth

7. Emotional eating. Not dealing with feelings and emotions but using food as a substitute for
emotional needs. To escape from boredom, tension, depression. Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired
- Continue the food diary, paying particular attention to how you are feeling when you are eating. Decide how to handle emotions in a health, non-judgment manner without resorting to food, alcohol, cigarettes or other substances.

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