Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Romancing the Cigarette After You Have Quit Smoking

Have you ever been in a bad relationship and had it break up? There were so many things that you didn't like about the person you were involved with. But after six months, you haven't started dating anyone else and your thoughts drift back to the fond memories, you tell yourself it wasn't so bad, you had some great times together, you forget all the negative qualities and before you know it, you're on the phone setting up a reunion. Across the table at dinner, you're wondering, "What was I thinking, this person is such a jerk! NOW I remember why it didn't work out!" and you can't wait for dinner to be over and never see this person again.
We do the same thing with cigarettes after we have quit. The break up was horrible, and miserable, there are soooo many things that we didn't like about smoking but after a period of time we start reminiscing about the things that we did like about smoking and our minds leads us back into having just one and before you know it, you're at the store buying a pack or bumming one from a friend. But unlike the past boyfriend or girlfriend that is easy to drop again, cigarettes are like a stalker relationship, they dig their claws into you again and don't let go and the struggle to quit continues again. But instead of placing the blame where it belongs--with nicotine and it's seductive addicting qualities, we blame ourselves. It's time to get mad not at ourselves but to what keeps us enslaved and to put our energy to getting nicotine, like a bad relationship, out of our lives for good!

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