Sunday, August 17, 2008

Powerful Technique to Stop Smoking

When we exchange our cigarettes for freedom from tobacco, often we feel deprived. I remember it was a few years after I quit and a craving seemed to overwhelm me with the thought, "How dare they take my cigarettes away from me!" I didn't know who "they" were and it only took a minute to realize what a crazy thought this was, but it shows the seductive power that nicotine can have over us. When we quit, it feels like losing a best friend--one that has been there through everything-the first job, the first boyfriend, the breakup, college, unemployment, the wedding, the divorce, through the good times and the bad, cigarettes never talked back, always gave us the comfort we were seeking and only asked for our future health in return.
A powerful technique for letting go is to write a goodbye letter to your cigarettes detailing what they have meant to you, as well as what they are doing to you. Tell them that you are finally able to handle life and all of it's ups and downs without them. Keep this letter and reread it when nicotine is trying to seduce you back into it's unhealthy ways. Send me a copy, I would love to read it.

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