Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dreaming About Smoking Even After Quitting

Yesterday was my 18th anniversary of going smoke free. I gave my first stop smoking workshop one month later. Even after all this time, I still dream that I smoke. It usually happens before a new workshop is scheduled to start and I'm in a panic because I need to quit right now, so that I can facilitate the class. Upon waking, it takes a minute or two to realize it was just a dream and for that minute or two I feel guilty that I have slipped and smoked.
I smoked for over 20 years and it is unrealistic to think that I will never have another thought or dream about smoking but that is all it is just a thought, just a dream (nightmare would be more accurate). all is well. But when we think of smoking, the word that is most often used is--craving. People who have been quit for 5 years will say--"I'm craving a cigarette right now" but what they are really saying is, "I'm thinking about something that I did for a very long time but I don't do that anymore and it's no big deal." Thinking or dreaming about a cigarette is very different than those cravings that hit right after a smoker has stopped smoking, which are physical and mental sensations.
so the next time you think, dream or "crave" a cigarette, just realize that it is just a thought and you can change the way you think about smoking--"It's something I used to do but I've outgrown that and (name what is important to you) is more important to me than having a cigarette.

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