Friday, August 8, 2008

Appreciation for Quitting Smoking

I have been helping smokers become smoke free since 1990 and I love receiving letters like the following. It makes it all worth while:

Dear V.J.,

Just needed to drop you a note and thank you for your support and guidance to help me stop smoking. I am "smoke free" since June 8, 2002. Sometimes I still here your voice in my head saying "Remember, you are only a puff away from a pack a day" so I have not even had a single puff since June 7, 2002. Thank you so much for taking my calls early in the morning when I wanted to smoke so badly and giving me tips on how I could get through that moment. Of course chewing on ice chips and baby carrots helped too.

I am grateful for the freedom not smoking has giving me! I no longer have to find the lighter, the pack of smokes and especially a place where it is legal to smoke! I took your advise and started saving the money I would have been spending on cigarettes. Thanks to those savings and not smoking I was able to realize a lifelong dream of flying to Hawaii (I was born there). I had never been able to go before because the thought of not being able to smoke for that long kept me a prisoner. Then I continued to save and my youngest son is going to college on thos savings! what a trip huh? (by the way my sons don't smoke either!)

Again, V.J. thank you for your dedication, your knowledge and you support of me. By the way, if you ever hear that old myth that alcoholics and addicts can't stop smoking, you can tell them for that is simply not true! I am both and they said it would not be possible for me to quit and not drink or use. And yes, stopping smoking was very, very difficult for me yet, one day at a time and with the help of you and your program I remain '"smoke free" for 2252 days (and counting )
See ya at the next Walk for Life. I'll be there in gratitude of being smoke free!


Dani Melton

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