Sunday, July 20, 2008

Teen Smokers Get Addicted Quickly

The average age that kids will light up that first cigarette is about 12 years old. It starts with experimentation but within 6 to 9 months a pattern has already developed where this child is smoking on a semi-regular basis--the first hint of addiction. Less than 24 months after that first cigarette, the teen smoker is smoking on a daily basis and is addicted. A Canadian study recently showed that most of these teen smokers do want to quit but find it too hard. The study was sponsored by the Canadian Cancer Society and most teen smokers will try to quit the first time within a couple of months of the first cigarette. If they relapse though, they begin to see that quitting is harder than they had thought and if they are still smoking within two years, the cravings and withdrawal symptoms have increased that many doubt their ability to stop.
This study shows the need to take aggressive measures early on if they think their child is experimenting wtih smoking. the child is more likely to smoke if they have an older sibling who smokes or one or both parents smoke. It is never too early to talk to your child about the dangers of nicotine addiction.


Jude said...

I just saw your post on Diva's blog. I just wanted to say I can't wait to catch up on your posts.
I've been quit exactly 4.5 months, and sometimes it still is really hard, but just gotta keep on keeping on.

VJ Sleight, Queen of Quitting said...

Congratulations Jude on stopping for 4.5 months!!! You have come a long way!!!! it will get easier and easier. Remember to focus on what it is that you really want--and it's not the cigarette--it is what the cigarette represents. Sometimes, it's physical, sometimes it's just to satisfy a habit, other times to handle stress. Regardless of the need, smoking a cigarette is just a temporary fix. Keep up the good work!! VJ