Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How Kid Nicotine Deceives Teenagers

Most smokers start as teenagers or younger and they ALWAYS think that they won't become addicted or that they will stop before they have any harmful effects from smoking but this is just another way that Kid Nicotine worms it's way into a person's life. The child starts by experimenting with one cigarette here and there but soon a pattern develops--maybe one every day after school, or one every Saturday, regardless as soon as ANY pattern shows up, that person is already showing signs of brain changes caused by the use of nicotine. The younger the person starts smoking the more likely they are to become addicted because their brain is still developing and Kid Nicotine changes that growing brain into one that NEEDS nicotine. Our brains don't fully develop until we are in our 20's (for women, about 20-21, for men 24-25). These brain changes can occur within a few months of experimenting with that first cigarette.

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