Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dealing with the Rituals of Smoking

Often smokers continue their mantra of "I enjoy smoking" when they stopping enjoying it years before but they have continued to smoke unconsciously since each cigarette is paired with so many of the individual's daily routine. Everyone has a morning ritual that they go through, I wake up, get the newspaper, read the paper while drinking a cup of coffee. For a smoker, a cigarette fits in there someplace. I know that when something upsets my morning ritual such as running out of coffee or not getting the paper, it can throw my day off. The smoker has 20 rituals a day, so not only are they dealing with the physical aspects of quitting but every aspect of life where that cigarette fit into their daily rituals.
It helps to prepare before quitting to smoke by the clock and start disassociating smoking with daily activities. If you smoke a pack a day that is about one an hour, so smoke every hour on the hour, but don't drink you coffee when smoking, don't talk on the telephone, do nothing but stand and smoke the cigarette. This give you time to figure out how to have that morning cup of coffee without the cigarette, how to drive the car without the cigarette, how to talk on the phone without the cigarette but without having to deal with the physical aspects until you are ready to quit.

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