Thursday, May 8, 2008

Smoking Bans Encourage Smokers to Quit

In the past it was socially acceptable to smoke, it is now becoming not acceptable because of the effects of environmental tobacco smoke, which does affect the bodies of non-smokers that are exposed to it. There is NO controversy about the effects of environmental tobacco smoke, except from the tobacco companies, the same companies that for 50 years lied to us about nicotine being not addictive, lied in front of Congress and now admit they knew of the harmful effects since the 1950's but were protecting their profits. They are using the same arguments now for environmental tobacco smoke. don't believe them again.

Another city in California is extending the smoking ban to parks and beaches. Part of the reason is that smokers consider the outdoors a giant ashtray and at beaches, the butts make it into the water and can poison the wildlife, burn the feet of barefoot beach goers and expose our children to addictive behavior. Some smokers consider this an infringement of their "right to smoke" yet their "right to smoke" ends where my nose begins.

A recent study showed that in cities with bans on smoking in restaurants, teenagers are less likely to to become smokers. The theory is that these kids are being shown that as a society, smoking is unacceptable, while the perception in towns where smoking is allowed, the teens see smoking as the norm and that it is acceptable behavior.

Passing and enforcing laws limiting smoking encourages our kids not to start smoking and it encourages smokers to self reflect about their behavior and possibly encourages them to the think about quitting, if for no other reason than the hassle factor.

I would encourage all non-smokers to contract their local officials and encourage them to pass smoke-free areas for the health of everyone.

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