Saturday, May 17, 2008

Best Beauty Tip-Quit Smoking

Forget the facelift, the best tip to get rid of those wrinkles or to prevent from getting them, is to quit smoking.

The carbon monxoide in cigarette smoke binds to red blood cells faster than oyxgen, leavng the body without enough oxygen. So the body rations the oxygen, sending it to vital organs first, such as the brain and heart. Smoking also closes off the small capillaries. The result of all this is that the skin of a smoker will wrinkle more than a non-smoker.

So besides yellow teeth, stained fingers, bad breathe, and stinking of cigarettes, a smoker will often look years older than they should. Quit smoking and look better. Within a few weeks, the color in the skin improves and the former smoker looks so much better.

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